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Granting Access to Notebird + Church Windows Integration
Granting Access to Notebird + Church Windows Integration

If you don't have access to setup the Notebird + Church Windows Integration then follow these steps or send to your account administrator.

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Notebird Integration Lock Icon

If you see the lock icon (symbol) on the Notebird integration button that means that you don't currently have the user permission / access to that specific feature. The Notebird integration feature is separately secured which means that you can give access to just that feature without access to all other features.

Steps for Admins to give access to Notebird integration feature:

  • Click 'Administration' on the home screen

  • Click into Security

  • Click Membership tab

  • Check 'Setup Notebird Connection'

  • Click 'Save & Close'

Your Church Windows data syncs into Notebird when a user logs into Church Windows. That is so your data stays consistent between both platforms. There might be a scenario when you don't want a certain user to trigger the sync to Notebird when they login to Church Windows. If that is the case you can disable that ability within the same settings page seen above.

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