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Church Windows + Notebird Integration Guide
Church Windows + Notebird Integration Guide

Easily sync your Church Windows Membership Data with Notebird to access your most important information at your fingertips and on-the-go!

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Church Windows customers can access their church membership data via Notebird from any laptop, tablet or mobile device with internet access. Follow the steps below to set up the sync!

After setup, your congregant information will sync into Notebird once a day when Church Windows is opened on your desktop. This will ensure you have the most up-to-date information within Notebird. The sync will pause when Church Windows is closed or the computer is turned off and will run when you open Church Windows again.

Notebird is software helping churches track and organize pastoral care notes, follow-ups and big life milestones. You can easily access general church membership data (i.e. phone numbers, addresses, family information etc) but you can also store import notes and create tasks so your people don't fall through the cracks. You can learn more by watching this demo video.

Step 1: Create a Notebird account

Only one person from your organization needs to create an account. Additional users/team members who need access can be added to the original account.

A. Once the account is created then click 'Sync with Church Windows' button on the first screen. That will take you directly to the integrations settings page. Click 'Sync with Church Windows' button on integrations page.

B. Copy the Integration ID and complete remaining set up within your Church Windows account.

Step 2: Sync Church Windows Membership Module with Notebird

A. Click Membership in the lower left hand corner.

B. Click Special Functions at the top. This will show the Special Functions toolbar.

C. Click Setup Notebird button.

If you are seeing a 'Pad lock Icon' then click here to follow steps to gain access to integration set up.

D. Copy the Integration ID Number from Notebird and paste into the Church Windows field titled 'Enter the ID copied from Notebird'.

E. Select the matching field from the dropdown menu. Leave the box blank if you do not have a field that matches.

F. Click Upload Data Now. This will securely export your Membership Data into Notebird. A confirmation window will appear once the sync is complete showing you how many records were sent, updated, removed and archived.

Notebird Integration Lock Icon

If you see the pad lock icon (symbol) on the Notebird integration button that means that you don't currently have the user permission / access to setup the integration. The Notebird integration feature is separately secured which means that you can give access to just that feature without access to all other features.

Steps for Admins to give access to Notebird integration feature:

  • Click 'Administration' on the home screen

  • Click into 'Security'

  • Click 'Membership' tab

  • Check 'Setup Notebird Connection'

  • Click 'Save & Close'


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