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Breeze Integration Overview

Sync your congregant information from Breeze directly into Notebird

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Breeze Church Management Integration

Breeze is an amazing Church Management software (ChMS) serving small to mid-size churches. Their powerful software suite helps run all aspects of your ministry from child check-ins, giving, event registration and much more.

Notebird is a pastoral care software helping churches track people interactions, assign follow-ups and record important life moments. We have remained dedicated to creating an easy-to-use and intuitive pastoral care tool and nothing more. Because this is what we focus on exclusively, it has allowed us to build a tool specifically for that purpose; helping you care for your people.

In this short article we will highlight why churches are using Notebird alongside Breeze.

What is the difference between the Breeze Notes feature and Notebird?

We think this is a good question and one that should be asked if you are evaluating a new technology. We will highlight some Notebird features that we think compliment Breeze nicely.

Care-Centric Design

We let Breeze handle donation management, child check-in, event registration and much more. Notebird’s interface has been intentionally designed to show you the relevant and specific information in regards to pastoral care and intentional interactions with your people. When you click into a person’s profile, you’ll see care history and care tasks take center stage. No digging around or extra button clicks to find the care information you need. Updates, tasks and life milestones all in one place.

Care Dashboard & Life Milestones

Our Activity Feed (Care Dashboard) is nicely laid out and shows updates in real-time as well as upcoming life milestones. Life Milestones are birthdays, anniversaries, passing of loved ones, and any other custom milestones you want to keep tabs on. Know exactly what big moments are coming up in the lives of your people.

Care Tasks

Easily assign a task to yourself or someone on your team to follow-up with a congregant. Use tasks to assign someone to deliver a meal, send flowers and so much more. People centric tasks help you and your team take action on care needs within your church. Our Tasks page is great for Notebird users who manage others. It allows them to see what tasks are outstanding so nobody falls through the cracks.

Easy Team Management & Permissions View

Easily limit user visibility based on group and see who has access to what information. You can also check users’ care load. See updates broken down by user and how many tasks they have assigned to them. This helps you distribute care needs so you don’t burn out staff members or care volunteers.

Bonus: Breeze profile link can be found in every Notebird person.

We have made it extremely convenient for you to navigate to a person's Breeze profile from Notebird. There is a Breeze link directly under a person's name in their Notebird profile. That link directs back to that individual's Breeze profile for you to find relevant information.

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