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Linking Planning Center People to Notebird
Linking Planning Center People to Notebird

Learn how to sync your Planning Center People data with Notebird. Integration with Planning Center People takes 3 clicks. It's that easy.

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Notebird & Planning Center Integration

You are currently using Planning Center as your church management software and we think that is great! We are the premier pastoral care tool that works with the Planning Center People software. Below we will walk you through how to link your accounts. 

Create Your Notebird Account 

We offer a Free 14-Day Trial to see if Notebird is the right fit for your church. Click here learn more & to get started. 

Sensitive Information Stays Within Notebird 

All updates, tasks and life milestones stay within Notebird. Only contact and people information (see list below) are shared back and forth between Planning Center People and Notebird. 

Link Planning Center People & Notebird

  • Click Your Name in the upper right hand corner

  • Click Account in the drop down menu

  • Click Integrations 

  • Click Sign in with Planning Center

This initial connection might take several minutes depending on how many people are stored within your Planning Center. 

Learn more about our Planning Center integration for churches with multiples campuses.

Synced information between Planning Center People & Notebird

Here is the information that can be created, edited and deleted on either platform and it will be reflected in the other: 

  • first & last name 

  • household information (family relationships) 

  • phone number 

  • email address

  • gender (male/female only) 

  • marital status 

  • anniversary 

  • birthday 

  • campus / location 

  • medical notes

  • profile picture

Here is the information that cannot be viewed in Notebird and must be created, edited and viewed in Planning Center. Once again, we've made it extremely easy to reference a person's Planning Center profile to access information quickly and easily. 

  • physical addresses 

  • adult or child selection 

  • school 

  • social media profiles 

  • Planning Center workflows, activity, communication or notes

  • membership type 

  • background check

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