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Completing A Task

Complete a task with one click!

Updated over a week ago

It feels great to check of tasks! It means that you and your team are getting things done and people are being cared for in your organization. There are two ways to complete a task and move it to the Recently Completed tab. 

Complete Task within person's profile 

  • Click People in the upper navigation 

  • Select the person you wish to complete a task for 

  • Click the box to the left of the task 

A filled box with check mark indicates the task has been completed. Completed tasks can be found by clicking the 'Show completed' button 

Complete Task within the task page 

  • Click Tasks in the upper navigation 

  • Find the task you'd like to complete 

  • Click the box the to the left of the task 

  • Task will move to the Recently Completed tab on the right page 

If a user has access to a task then they have the ability to complete that task. Completed tasks will show which user completed that task and when it was completed [time stamped]. 

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