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Adding a user (team member)
Adding a user (team member)

Invite others to help you care for others. Assign task, share care history & care for people together.

Updated over a week ago

Notebird is best with others. Here is how you send invites to others to join Notebird: 

  • Click Your Name in the upper right hand corner

  • Click My Team in the drop down menu

  • Click Add New User on the right page 

  • Type in First & Last Name of the user you wish to invite to Notebird 

  • Type in the email address of the person you wish to invite [This will be the email address they use to login and receive notifications]

  • Select the User Role that best fits the user

  • Click Invite User in the bottom right corner

If Group Member is selected then choose which group that user has access to. They will be able to see updates, tasks and life milestones only in the selected groups.

Active Notebird accounts will need to confirm new pricing. Click 'Confirm payment and invite user' to send invitation to the new user. (You may not see this screen if you're still on the free trial)

New user invitation is sent and status of acceptance will be displayed. 

Users will receive an email, similar to the one below, inviting them to join Notebird. 

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