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Church360 // Export Guide for Notebird
Church360 // Export Guide for Notebird
Updated over a week ago

Church360 Export Guide

Church360 has made it easy to export your people data. Follow these steps to export and submit your data to Notebird.

  1. Within 360Members, navigate to "People" and then select Individuals.

  2. Click Columns and select All.

  3. Click Download (top right) and choose to export to CSV.

Securely Sending Your Export to Notebird

It's now time to securely send Notebird your Church360 file. Our team will reformat the data just a little bit to play nicely with Notebird and get it uploaded into your Notebird account for you. You must have a Notebird account created before sending your data.

Your Church360 Data not downloading to your computer?

If the file is not downloading to your computer there might be an issue with the report timing out. If you are experiencing this issue then click Columns and deselect Last Attended Worship.

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