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Church Windows Integration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for the Notebird + Church Windows Integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does my Church Windows membership data update (sync) with Notebird?

Once then initial sync is set up then your congregant information will sync into Notebird when you open Church Windows on your desktop each day. This will ensure that you have the most up-to-date information within Notebird. The sync will pause when Church Windows is closed or the computer is turned off. The sync will resume when you open Church Windows again.

If you have made changes to your Church Windows data you can manually refresh the sync by clicking the 'Upload Data Now' within the Notebird Setup window within your Church Windows account. See screenshot below:

What information syncs with Notebird?

  • First & Last Name

  • Birthday

  • Marital Status

  • Marriage Date (Anniversary)

  • Related People

  • Home, Mobile, Work & Other Phone

  • Personal, Work, Other Email

  • Home Address

  • Membership Date

  • Gender

  • Member Type

  • Deceased Status & Deceased Date

  • Active / Inactive Status

  • Nickname

  • General Comments show up in Notebird General Profile Notes

***Notebird does not have access or sync with any other Church Windows modules. Notebird does not have access to any attendance records, donation receipts or financial data.

Who can access membership data and pastoral care information in Notebird?

Only users (team members) you invite to join you on Notebird will be able to access membership data and pastoral care information. Many churches give their staff, elders, and trained care volunteers access to Notebird so everyone can stay on the same page. Here is how you invite a user to your Notebird account.

Notebird users and Church Windows users are completely separate. Just because a user has access to Church Windows does not mean they can access Notebird –there are two separate logins.

Do updates, tasks and milestones show up in people's Church Windows profiles? Does that information sync both ways?

Notebird updates, custom milestones and tasks do not sync with Church Windows. Updates, tasks and milestones saved within Notebird will remain securely in Notebird.

What happens in Notebird when a person is marked as Deceased in Church Windows?

If a person is marked as deceased in Church Windows they will be archived in Notebird upon the next sync. The deceased date will be included in the profile notes. No updates, tasks or milestones will be deleted in Notebird –the care history will remain preserved.

What happens in Notebird when a person is marked as inactive in Church Windows?

You have the option to sync or not sync your inactive people from Church Windows into Notebird. That option was specified during your initial integration setup.

  • If you are syncing inactive people: When a person is marked as inactive in Church Windows, they will be moved to archived status in Notebird upon next sync.

  • If you are not syncing inactive people: When a person is marked as inactive in Church Windows, they will be removed from Notebird if there are no care updates stored within their profile upon next sync. If a person is marked as inactive in Church Windows and they have care updates stored in Notebird then they will moved to archived status in Notebird. We do this because we never delete your care information. If you marked that person as inactive in Church Windows and want to delete that person and their care updates from Notebird that can easily be done –click here to learn how to delete a person.

Where can I find my Integration ID?

The integration ID can be viewed in Notebird before the sync is completed. Here is the link to view ID #:

After the sync is complete you can view your Integration ID within Church Windows.

How do I know if Notebird is linked with Church Windows?

You can find your sync status by clicking this link: code will disappear once sync is completed. Sync status will show in its place providing you a clear indication that integration is active.

How do I view upload history?

You can easily see a log of previous imports by clicking 'View Upload Log' within your Notebird Setup view within your Church Windows account. The log will show the following information:

  • Upload Date/Time

  • Total Records Sent to Notebird

  • People Added

  • Updated

  • Preserved

  • Removed

  • Archived

Can I edit the relationship fields in Notebird?

Notebird supports a number of different family relationship types that Church Windows currently does not support. So for data consistency we ask that you manage all household information in Church Windows.

We repeat: ALL households should be created, edited and managed in Church Windows.

What happens when I add new people in Notebird?

People added directly into Notebird will not sync with Church Windows. Add all new people should be added in Church Windows. All contact information within a person's profile should be added and edited within Church Windows as well.

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