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Custom Time Ranges Overview

The Pulse & Join Date indicators help you better connect with people. Visually see who and when you need to connect with others.

Updated over a week ago

The Pulse indicator is a tool that helps users visualize the last time that an update was made for a person in Notebird. Light and dark red indicators next to people's names help users quickly see who needs to be intentionally checked-in with. The Pulse time ranges are customizable and set by the organization.

Join Date indicators helps users visualize when a person joined the organization. We know that the first days and weeks of someone joining an organization are crucial to longevity, buy-in and so many other things. Light and dark gray next to people's names helps users see when that person was added to Notebird.

*Note: Both Pulse & Join Date indicators are set for the entire organization. Indicators cannot be customized per group.

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