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Individual Care History Report
Individual Care History Report

Need to export all updates for one individual? The Individual Care History Report can do just that!

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You always have the ability to see an individual's entire care history within their profile but we understand there are times you need to export that information from Notebird. You have that ability to export all updates for one individual person using the Individual Care History Report.

Individual Care History Report

Click your name in the upper right hand corner. Click Reports.

Click Update Report then click Run Report

Click Show/Hide Columns and select Full Name

Select the date range you wish to export. Click 'Full Name' field in the Data Table below. This will filter all the updates according to the full.

*Pro Tip: You can start typing in the name of the individual when the dropdown appears. This will save you from scrolling.

Select the individual you wish to export. Click 'Export Updates' in the upper right hand corner of the report. Select either 'Print Report' or 'Download as CSV'

Print Report allows you to save as a PDF and then print or email the document. Download CSV will export updates in a spreadsheet.

*Note: Once a file is printed or downloaded, it is no longer protected by Notebird’s rigorous security protocols. Users should ensure appropriate privacy measures are in place before exporting files from Notebird.

Removing Visual Chart from Report

The Visual Chart is only available when exporting in Print/PDF format. If you want to remove the chart simply click Show/Hide Columns and uncheck 'Chart' from the dropdown menu.

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