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Transitioning from Chaverware to ShulCloud - Notebird Sync Steps [Required]
Transitioning from Chaverware to ShulCloud - Notebird Sync Steps [Required]

Before using the ShulCloud Sync Tool Users Must Follow These Steps

Updated over a week ago

Many synagogues are moving from Chaverware over to ShulCloud. As you may know, we have built a tool that allows you to sync your congregant profile information from ShulCloud into Notebird on a regular basis. There are some additional required steps for those switching from Chaverware over to ShulCloud.

***All your people data must be fully transferred to ShulCloud in order to sync to Notebird. The sync cannot happen until that step is completed.

Required Steps:

  1. All people data has been fully transferred from Chaverware into ShulCloud.

  2. Log into ShulCloud. Add the following link to the end of your existing ShulCloud URL: /admin/reports.php?id=global_183

  3. Click on the 'Account Types' box and select the account types (categories) you want imported into Notebird. Please write them down because we will revisit that list when setting up your ShulCloud Sync Tool.

  4. It may take a minute to load, but once you see the data, press “Export” then “CSV.

  5. Send that newly exported file to Notebird using our secure import tool. Please do not email. You can access your secure import tool here.

  6. Our team will reach out when this is complete so you can review all data.

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