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ChurchTrac // Export Guide For Notebird
ChurchTrac // Export Guide For Notebird

Exporting People Data from ChurchTrac

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Exporting People Data from ChurchTrac

  1. Within ChurchTrac, navigate to the People/Family Screen through the dropdown on the top row and then select Custom Reports.

  2. Select a Custom Report. Click the + Button.

  3. Choose who to include in the export: Include only the Names from the selected smart list: "Everyone"

  4. Choose Report Fields & OptionsFields: add all the fields you want included in the import. To add a field click + button. New fields are added to the bottom of the list

  5. Save as .csv file and then submit through Notebird Import Tool (see below).

Here are the fields we accept:

NOTE: There should only be one person per row if possible.




First name

First (given) name of persons to be imported


Last name

Last (family) name of persons to be imported


Import ID

The Import ID should be a unique identifier for each person in each row. This ID is usually provided by the software you are exporting from. If your spreadsheet wasn't exported from another platform, you can ignore this field.


Household ID

This ID is used to match together people in the same family. For example, both parents and all children will share the same Household ID.


Is child

Notebird is able to define relationship types between family members. If available, the Is child column should be marked with TRUE to indicate if this person is a child in the family.


Relationship status

This field identifies the current relationship or marital status of each individual. Valid values include:
โ€‹Single, In a relationship, Engaged, Married, Civil union, Domestic partnership, Separated, Divorced, Remarried, or Widowed.


Join Date

Notebird is great for tracking life milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, or the date when someone joined your organization. Please include year, month, and day.



Gender can be listed as 'M', 'F', 'Male', or 'Female'.
Non-binary values are also accepted.


Mobile phone
Home phone
Work phone
Other phone

We can import up to 4 phone numbers for each person.


Personal email
Work email
Other email

We can import up to 3 email addresses for each person.


Home address
Work address
Other address

We can import up to 3 addresses for each person.
Each address type can be separated into separate columns for address 1, address 2, city, state, and zip code.


Profile notes

We can import any other value you'd like to save in each person's profile notes. These notes will be fully searchable and visible to everyone in your organization.


Notebird Import Tool

Keeping your member data secure is our top priority. That being said, please do not send member data through email. We've setup a secure importer tool for you to send us your data. You must be logged in to Notebird to access this importer tool.

We will review your data and notify you

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