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Breeze Integration FAQs

Answers to your Breeze integration questions.

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This is where you find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Breeze ChMS integration.

How do I connect Notebird and Breeze together?

Connecting you Breeze and Notebird account (integration) takes about 30 seconds. Our step-by-step walkthrough makes the process extremely easy and fast.

How do I re-sync my people data when I make changes in Breeze?

  • Click Your Name in the upper right hand corner

  • Click Account

  • Click Integrations

  • Click Refresh Data

What profile information syncs between Breeze & Notebird?

Here is the information that can be created, edited and deleted on either platform and it will be reflected in the other. Changes made to the following fields within Notebird will automatically sync into Breeze. Changes made in Breeze require users to Refresh Data within Notebird settings.

  • Name

  • Phone numbers (only three default numbers: mobile, home, work)

  • Email Address (only one default email address)

  • Birthday

  • Anniversary

  • Gender (male/female only)

  • Marital status (only statuses listed in Breeze)

  • Household / Family connections

  • Campus

  • Employer

  • Join date

  • School

  • Status (member, visitor, etc)

The following do not sync from Notebird into Breeze. Change the following fields in Breeze:

  • Profile Picture

  • Address (only the default address syncs)

  • Additional custom fields created in Breeze (should be edited in Breeze)

Is there an easy way to see my congregants information that doesn't sync with Notebird?

Custom fields created in Breeze do not show in Notebird but we have made it extremely convenient for you to navigate to a person's Breeze profile directly from Notebird. There is a Breeze icon directly under a person's name in their Notebird profile. That link directs back to that individuals Breeze profile for you to find relevant information.

Do changes to profiles automatically sync in both Notebird & Breeze?

Changes made within Notebird to the default Breeze fields (see above) will sync without Refreshing Data. Changes made in Breeze require users to refresh data within Notebird settings.

Do updates, tasks and milestones show up in people's Breeze profiles? Does that information sync both ways?

Notebird updates, custom milestones and tasks do not sync with Breeze. Updates, tasks and milestones saved within Notebird will securely remain in Notebird. Only certain contact information (see above) sync both ways between platforms.

Can I import just a select group of people?

Not at this time. We sync your entire Breeze database to Notebird. Notebird Groups help determine which pastoral care issues are active.

I see that there are additional 'relationship types' in Notebird that are not in Breeze. What's up with that?

Notebird supports a number of different family relationship types that Breeze currently does not support. So for data consistency we ask that you manage all household information in Breeze.

***ALL households should be created, edited and managed in Breeze.

What happens when a person's is archived in Breeze?

If a person is archived or deleted in Breeze then the person in Notebird will be deleted unless that person has updates or tasks saved to their profile. In that case, that person will be deleted in Breeze but will be archived in Notebird and their Breeze link will no longer be active.

Unarchiving a person within Notebird does not unarchive them in Breeze.

What happens if I delete a person in Notebird?

A congregant deleted in Notebird will show back up in Notebird the next time the Breeze data is refreshed. A person deleted in Breeze will also be deleted in Notebird if there are no updates, tasks or milestones created for that person. If there is care information stored in Notebird then that person will be archived in Notebird. That person will be deleted or archived the next time the Breeze data is refreshed within Notebird.

What happens if I unarchived a person in Notebird who has been deleted in Breeze?

If a person is deleted in Breeze, but that individual has care information stored in Notebird, their profile in Notebird will be moved to an archived status. If a user then unarchives that same person's profile it will create a completely new profile in Breeze upon the next data refresh.


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