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ACS On-Demand // Export Guide for Notebird
ACS On-Demand // Export Guide for Notebird
Updated over a week ago

Follow the steps below to export all the proper fields from ACS.

Step by Step Walkthrough with Screenshots

Sign in to ACS On-Demand

Run a Search

Click Advanced Export and select Create New Export

Select File Export then click OK

Title the export "NotebirdExport" and then select All Individuals

Click on the Fields tab just below the Export Title

Click the folder titles to see exportable data fields. Double-click on the desired data fields to select them for export. Those fields will be moved to the right hand side of the window.

Data Fields to select for export

Folder Name: Personal Data

  • Family Number [Required]

  • Individual ID [Required - this is different from Individual Number - Please double check]

  • Gender

  • Family Position

  • Marital Status

  • Member Status

  • Date of Birth [Great to have // will show in Notebird's milestone feed]

  • Date Joined [Great to have // will show in Notebird's milestone feed]

  • Joined How

  • Preferred Phone

  • Preferred Contact Method

Sub-Folder Name: Name

  • First Name [Required]

  • Last Name [Required]

  • Goes by

Sub-Folder Name: Address

  • Address 1

  • Address 2

  • City

  • State

  • Zip Code

  • Home Phone

Sub-Folder Name: Special Fields

  • Baptized

  • Wedding Anniversary [Great to have // will show in Notebird's milestone feed]

Folder: Alternative Phones

  • Home Phone

  • Mobile Phone

  • Work Phone

Folder: Email Addresses

  • Home

  • Primary Email

  • Preferred Email

Folder: Comments (cannot import comments into Notebird)

Any other folders / data fields cannot be imported. Please reach out if there is a data field you'd like imported not listed above. We do not need or accept contribution information –please leave out of export.

After selecting all fields for export, click on the Format tab just below the Export Title. Select Microsoft Excel as the file format.

Click (1) Filename and then (2) click the finder icon

(3) name the file NotebirdExport_(MM/DD/YY) and (4) select the location on your computer where this Microsoft Excel export of you data will be saved. Make sure you are selecting a folder or location (such as your desktop) where you will be sure to find it. easily. (5) Click Save (6) Click OK

Click Run Export and then OK

Microsoft Excel might open up automatically on your computer. Do a quick spot check to make sure everything looks good. Minimize or close that document. Go back to ACS On-Demand.

Click OK

Click Save & Close

[Bonus] You will now see that you have a saved advanced search/export titled NotebirdExport. You can now run this exact same export without going through all the steps again.

Securely Sending Your Export to Notebird

It's now time to securely send Notebird your ACS export. Our team will reformat the data just a little bit to play nicely with Notebird and get it uploaded into your Notebird account. You must have a Notebird account created before sending your data. For security reasons, we do not accept exports through email.

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