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Exporting People Data from ServantKeeper
Exporting People Data from ServantKeeper
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Exporting People

  • Within Servant Keeper, navigate to Group -> Add Group -> Selections and Lists.

  • This brings up the Add/Edit Group window.

  • Call the report "Notebird_People" or something similar.

  • Check list the search results using Individuals (not families).

-Select a field to search: use Individual ID.

-Select how to search the field: Is not Blank.

-Enter the item to search for: leave this field blank.

- Add Criteria [+ Add] (click the add button).

  • Click Select Fields button. This is where you select the fields to import.

-Be sure to include Individual ID.

-Be sure to include Family ID.

-If unsure, select all fields.

-Click the Save button.

  • Click the Save button.

  • You are now back at the Group Keeper main menu.

  • Double Click the report "Notebird_People". This will bring up the preview.

  • Click Options -> Export Group -> Excel.

  • Save it where you can find it.

Upload People Data

For security purposes, only Notebird users can access the import porter.


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