Church Windows allows you to export your congregant data into an excel spreadsheet. Please follow this video on how to select fields and export correctly from Church Windows.

Watch from 2:53 mark until 10:00 minute mark

Export Fields

Below are data fields you can select when you reach the 'column selector' portion of the export:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Individual #

  • Family #

  • Directory/Report (Family Relation)

  • Birth Date

  • Marital Status

  • Marriage Date

  • Primary Phone

  • Work Phone

  • Phone (Family)

  • Email

  • Address 1 (current as of today)

  • Address 2 (current as of today)

  • City (current as of today)

  • State (current as of today)

  • Zip code (current as of today)

  • Gender

  • Membership date

  • Comments

  • Inactive

Notebird Import Tool

Keeping your member data secure is our top priority. That being said, please do not send member data through email. We've setup a secure importer tool for you to send us your data. You must be logged in to Notebird to access this importer tool.

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