We know that our users store important and oftentimes sensitive life details in Notebird. For that reason, Notebird uses Enterprise-grade security.

Enterprise-Grade Security

“Enterprise-grade security” is an all encompassing term for the many industry standard techniques we employ to secure your data. This includes automatically encrypting all data before it is written to disk as well as protecting your data as it travels over the Internet during read and write operations with Transport Layer Security (HTTPS).

Daily Data Backups

The Notebird database, including Customer accounts and information, is backed up on a daily basis. In the case of accidental deletion, data from the moment of any saved backup can be restored to a Customer's account upon request.

Daily backups are purged on a rolling seven-day schedule. Bi-monthly backups may be saved for up to 45 days before being purged from the system. Additionally, all backups for an account are automatically removed at the time of account deletion or can be removed at the request of an account owner.

Verification Security Code

Any time we speak to a user via phone or Zoom we generate and send a Verification Security Code directly to their screen (see screenshot below). They verify their identity by repeating the randomly generated code back to our customer care team member. We do this so bad players cannot impersonate you or someone from your organization.

We have not had anyone try to impersonate a Notebird user but we are proactive in our security measures to best protect your data.

Notebird Verification Security Code

Please feel free to email [email protected] if you have any questions regarding security and privacy of your data.

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