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Early Bird Report

It’s a snapshot of what you need to get done and who you need to check-in with for that day.

Updated over a week ago

We want to help jumpstart your day by putting your people top of mind and top of inbox. The Early Bird Report—an email delivered to you every morning with the following information:

☑️ Tasks due today
🎂 Milestones happening today
📝 A recap of your team's updates from yesterday


Know exactly when things need to be done

Task Email Notifications

As you can see, the Early Bird Report shows you tasks needing to be completed that day. Overdue tasks are also listed, but we know you always get your tasks done on time—so this feature obviously isn't for you 😉


You get to choose

Flexible Scheduling

Whether you're an early bird out to get the worm or a night owl who likes to start the day a little later, you can select an email delivery time that best fits your schedule.



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