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Adding A Person To A Group
Adding A Person To A Group
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You can think of groups as 'Active Care Lists'.

For example, if you have a Hospitalization group then all the people in that group should be in the hospital. We know that your people go into and come out of the hospital at all different times so we have made it easy to add and remove people from groups.

Things To Note:

  • Removing a person from a group will not delete any existing updates, tasks and milestones –it simply removes that person's name from that group.

  • Notification emails are not sent to users when a person is added to a group that they have access to see.

Adding a Person to a Group

Option 1: Add a person to a group without adding an update

  • Click on the person's name

  • Click 'Add To Group' under their name

  • Select the Group you want that person to be listed in

Adding A Person To A Group In Notebird Pastoral Care Software

Option 2: Adding a person to a group using an update

  • Click on the person's name

  • Click 'Add Update'

  • Add the notes about your interaction and select a group(s) from the Update Visibility dropdown. The update and person will then be added to that group once you press 'Save update'

Removing a Person from a Group

  • Click on the the person's name you want to remove from a group

  • Click the 'x' next to the group you want to remove them from. The group(s) can be found directly under the person's name.

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