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Deleting A Person [Planning Center Sync]
Deleting A Person [Planning Center Sync]
Updated over a week ago

This help document is for churches who have their Notebird account synced with Planning Center People. 

Deleting a person should be done in Planning Center People anytime you want to delete that specific person on both platforms. The only exception comes when a person within Notebird has an update or task saved to their profile. If that is the case then their profile is archived in Notebird instead of deleted. 

Here are a few things to note: 

  • Deleting a person in Notebird only sets that person's status to 'inactive' in Planning Center People. It does not delete them in Planning Center. 

  • Archiving a user in Notebird also sets that persons status to 'inactive' in Planning Center People. 

  • Setting a person's status to 'inactive' in Planning Center does not archives that person in Notebird. You'll need to also archive them in Notebird.

If you want to delete someone you can find them directly in Planning Center or use the quick link from Notebird. 

  • Click the Planning Center profile link under the person's name. That will open up their profile in Planning Center 

  • Click the Gear dropdown on the right hand side

  • Click Delete Profile (follow Planning Center prompts) 

For more information, read Planning Center's help document on Inactive vs Deleting

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