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Planning Center People Integration FAQs
Planning Center People Integration FAQs

All the answers to your questions about our integration with Planning Center People (PCO).

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This is where you find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Planning Center People Integration. 

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What profile information syncs between Planning Center People & Notebird? 

Here is the information that can be created, edited and deleted on either platform and it will be reflected in the other: 

  • first & last name 

  • household information (family relationships) 

  • phone number 

  • email address

  • gender (male/female only) 

  • marital status 

  • anniversary 

  • birthday 

  • campus / location 

  • medical notes

  • physical addresses

Here is the information that cannot be viewed in Notebird and must be created, edited and viewed in Planning Center. Once again, we've made it extremely easy to reference a person's Planning Center profile to access information quickly and easily. 

  • adult or child selection 

  • school 

  • social media profiles 

  • Planning Center workflows, activity, communication or notes

  • membership type 

  • background check

Do updates, tasks and milestones show up in people's Planning Center profiles? Does that information sync both ways? 

Notebird updates, custom milestones and tasks do not sync with Planning Center. Updates, tasks and milestones saved within Notebird will securely remain in Notebird. Only certain contact information (see above) sync both ways between platforms. 

Can I import just a select group of people?

There is not a way to select specific groups of people to sync into Notebird. Upon the initial sync all 'active' profiles in Planning Center People get synced into Notebird. 'Inactive' people in Planning Center do not get brought into Notebird.

What happens when a person's status is changed in Planning Center People or Notebird?

Planning Center and Notebird use two different terms when it comes to profile status. Planning Center uses active and inactive. Notebird uses active and archived. Below you'll find a chart of what happens in each platform when a person's status changes.

*Red 'x' displays that no action is taken in the other platform. User will have to manually make the change in both places.

If a person is deleted in Planning Center then the person in Notebird will be deleted unless that person has updates or tasks stored within their Notebird profile. In that case, that person will be deleted in Planning Center but will be archived in Notebird.

Is there an easy way to see my congregants information that doesn't sync with Notebird? 

We have made it extremely convenient for you to navigate to a person's Planning Center profile directly from Notebird. There is a Planning Center link directly under a person's name in their Notebird profile. That link directs back to that individuals Planning Center profile for you to find relevant information. 

I see that there are addition 'relationship types' in Notebird that are not in Planning Center. What's up with that? 

Notebird supports a number of different family relationship types that Planning Center currently does not support. So for data consistency we ask that you manage all household information in Planning Center. Household syncing is a little tricky so we've created a separate help document that goes more in depth. 

We repeat: ALL households should be created, edited and managed in Planning Center.

Can I upload profile pictures to Notebird profiles?

Profile pictures should be uploaded on the Planning Center side and then they'll be synced into Notebird. Notebird images are not pushed into Planning Center. Profile pictures added in on Notebird will get overwritten with the latest image from PCO (or removed if there's nothing over there.)

You can get your account setup in minutes. 

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