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Adding & Editing Related People
Adding & Editing Related People

Adding and linking relationships.

Updated over a week ago

We have 2 ways to add a related person. One is by linking to another Notebird person profile—the other is by text only.  The text only option is helpful when a related person doesn't need a profile in Notebird but you still want to keep record of them.

Adding A Related Person 

  • Click on the person in which you'd like to add a relate person to 

  • Click Add relationship on the left hand side 

  • Start typing in the name of the person. If they have an exiting Notebird person profile they will show up. If you'd like for them to not have a Notebird profile then simply type their name form field. 

  • Select the relationships (an indicator below their name will let you know that the other person will not be linked) 

  • Click Save Relationship

Editing or Deleting A Related Person

  • Hover over the 3 dots {···] to the right of the person you'd like to edit or remove. 

  • Click Edit or Delete 

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