MM2000 Export Details 

Thanks for showing interest in Notebird. Here are a few things to note: 

  • We have a one-time import for MM2000. We will be happy to get your congregant data into Notebird for you. 

  • There is not a continuous sync between MM2000 & Notebird. You will have to upkeep contact information in both places. 

  • Once import is complete we can no longer overwrite that data. It's important to make sure the export sent is the correct data you want to see in Notebird. 

Side note: There are some synagogues who prefer not to import all their congregants and just add individuals needing pastoral care as issues arise. 

MM2000 Export Fields

Every individual (Adult & Child) should be on separate rows. 

  • Account/Family ID

  • Person/Individual ID

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Is child

  • Is active

  • Mobile phone

  • Home phone

  • Work phone

  • Other phone

  • Personal email

  • Work email

  • Other email

  • Home address

  • Work address

  • Other address

  • Birthday

  • Relationship status

  • Anniversary

  • Gender

  • Join date

Notebird People Import Template 

  • Click File 

  • Click Make a Copy 

Notebird Import 

Keeping your congregation data secure is our top priority. That being said, please do not send congregant data through email. We've setup a secure link for you to send us your congregant export. 

We will notify you when the import is complete. 

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