How does my ShulCloud Data get into and sync with Notebird.

We do not have a direct integration with ShulCloud but we've built a custom Google Chrome Extension that imports the most up-to-date ShulCloud congregant information into Notebird. Users who are admins in both ShulCloud and Notebird have the capability to run the export every 4 hours to keep data synced between platforms. Click here to read more about the Synagogue Exporter Chrome Extension.

Does everyone on my team need to download the Synagogue Exporter in the Google Chrome Extension store?

No, we recommend only the person or people responsible for keeping contact information up-to-date should download the Synagogue Exporter tool. Remember, only admins in both ShulCloud and Notebird have access to this feature.

Can I add congregants and make changes to contact information in Notebird? 

All contact information should be added/edited in ShulCloud because contact information edited in Notebird will be overwritten upon the next sync. New congregants created in ShulCloud will be imported into Notebird upon the next sync. ShulCloud is your main people database and our export tool sees that as the 'master list' and overwrites any contact information in Notebird that doesn't match. 

When I make a change to contact information in ShulCloud does it automatically change in Notebird? 

No. Contact information syncs between ShulCloud when the authorized users run the sync tool. Most synagogues run a sync once or twice a week. But feel free to run the sync more frequently than that!

How often can I use the Synagogue Exporter Tool? 

Admins can run the Synagogue Exporter Chrome Extension once every 4 hours. 

How long does it take to import my data? 

The first import might take a few minutes depending on how many people you are importing into Notebird. The sync moving forward might take less than 30 seconds. It depends on how many people are stored in your ShulCloud account. We have made the process pretty quick. 

What information gets imported into Notebird from ShulCloud? 

Here are the profile fields exported from ShulCloud and imported into Notebird. 

  • Name (first and last)
  • Phones (mobile, phone 1, phone 2, work phone)
  • Email Address
  • Home Address
  • Birthday
  • Relationship/Marital Status
  • Anniversary
  • Gender
  • Join Date
  • Custom Milestones
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah
  • Deceased
  • ShulCloud Account Type
  • ShulCloud Person Type
  • Hebrew Name
  • Tribe
  • Hebrew Birthday
  • Eligible for Aliya
  • Father’s Hebrew Name
  • Occupation
  • School
  • Relationships

We try to interpret the relationships between people as specified in ShulCloud. This should work most of the time for the following relationship types, but you may occasionally notice some inconsistencies.

  • Spouse
  • Late spouse
  • Fiancé
  • Partner
  • Parent
  • Child
  • Sibling (edited) 

Is there an additional cost to importing? 

No, there is no additional cost for the Synagogue Exporter Chrome Extension. You don't even need our help to do it! You can manage it yourself. As always, we are here to help. 

Do any updates, milestones or task show up in ShulCloud? 

No, the Synagogue Exporter Chrome Extension is a one-way connection for contact information. Any information saved within Notebird stays in Notebird. 

What happens if someone passes away in my congregation and I mark them as 'deceased' in ShulCloud? 

Upon the next sync that person will be archived in Notebird and a tag will be added to that person's general profile notes that says "Deceased: yes" 

What happens if I delete a congregant in ShulCloud? 

Upon the next sync that person will be deleted in Notebird if there are no updates, tasks or custom milestones created for that specific person. If there are updates, tasks or custom milestones created for that person then we archive them in Notebird. 

How do I download the Synagogue Exporter Chrome Extension?

Click here and follow the steps. This tool only works for users who are admins in both ShulCloud and Notebird.

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