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Closer Look At Group Members
Closer Look At Group Members

Here's a deeper dive into the Group Members user role and how to best utilize them for your organization.

Updated over a week ago

The Group Members user role is the role with the most amount of restrictions. Group Members can only see updates and tasks for the group or groups they are given access to within Notebird. 

Here is a comparison of what a Group Member sees in comparison to an Organization Admin. 

Organization Admin People Page View

James has access to all groups within their Notebird account because he is an Organization Admin

Group Member People Page View

Stephanie only has access to the 'Counseling', 'Hospital Visits' and 'Long-Term Care' groups because as a Group Member she only has access to the groups in which she's been assigned. Stephanie does even see the other groups within the organization because she does not have access. 

Group Members can see and edit only contact information for all people saved within Notebird; not just the groups they have been assigned to. 

Organization Admin Person Profile View

Riley is in the 'Expecting Mothers' group. James is an organization admin so he can see that she is a part of that group and can also see all updates, milestones and tasks for Riley. 

Group Member Person Profile View

Riley is in the 'Expecting Mothers' group. Stephanie has not been assigned to the 'Expecting Mothers' group so Riley shows up as 'Ungrouped' and cannot see any updates. 

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