You might have an existing people database with names and contact information. We can help you get that information imported into Notebird. 

"I use a Church Management or People Management Software"

Exporting the right data

When exporting from your management software we ask they you export Family ID Numbers & Individual ID Numbers when exporting all other contact information. Click here if you use Planning Center.

"I use an Excel Spreadsheet"

Notebird People Import Template 

You can send us what you've got or copy your people into our template for faster upload time. Follow the directions below to create your own version.

  • Click File 
  • Click Make a Copy 

Notebird Secure Importer 

Keeping your people data secure is our top priority.

Please do not send congregant data through email. We've setup a secure link for you to send us your people data.

Things to note

  • This is a one time onboarding import. Organizations are responsible for updating information and adding new people to their account moving forward. 
  • We have plans to integrate with other software in the future.

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