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Archiving A User

Team members will join and leave your Notebird account. Learn how to archive users so you don't lose any of the updates they created.

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Archiving a user allows you to keep all the updates, tasks and milestones that specific user created without having to pay for their account to stay active.

Archived users lose access to your organization: they can no longer log in or access any information. 

Archived users' tasks are unassigned: tasks are moved to the unassigned tasks section of the tasks page. You can edit and reassign tasks to other team members. 

Archived users can easily be unarchived: we know employees come back, volunteers return and team members rejoin organizations. You can let them pick right back up where they left off by unarchiving them. 

  • Click Your Name in the upper right hand corner

  • Click My Team in the drop down menu

  • Select which user  you'd like archive  

  • Click User Role 

  • Click Archive User 

Deleting A User

All updates and tasks created by a user will be permanently deleted. This action can not be undone!

We recommend archiving users so you can keep the all the information they put into Notebird. If you are 100% sure you want to remove a user and their data completely then follow the steps below.

  • Archive user [see steps above]

  • Click Delete user under the Unarchive user button

  • Type in the name of the user you want to delete to confirm deletion

  • Click Delete user

Billing Details

Archiving a user creates an opening so you can add another user as a replacement at no additional cost. If that spot isn't filled by the end of the billing cycle then that user's spot will not be renewed on your subscription. Easily add a user to fill that spot.

You must archive user first before adding new users to fill their spot.

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