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Closer Look At User Roles
Closer Look At User Roles

Here's a deeper dive into user roles and how to best use them for your organization.

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User Roles restrict visibility of selected updates and tasks from certain users. Notebird has 3 permission levels. Here is the simple breakdown: 

Organization Admin: Can see/add/edit everything within entire account
Locations Admin: Can see/add/edit content at their assigned location only
Group Member: Can only see information within groups they are assigned to

User Role Breakdown

Organizations With Only One Location

If your organization only has one location then there isn't much difference between Organization Admins & Location Admins. Both of those user roles can see all the updates, task and milestones within their Notebird account. The only difference, location admins cannot access account customization settings, access billing, add groups or add other users.

Organization Owner Overview 

The person who created the account is the Organization Owner. The Organization Owner is a unique role. They are the only role that cannot be 'demoted' to a lower user role. The Organization Owner will always be able to able to see/edit/access everything within the account. 

If there is a need for the Account Owner to add updates that nobody else can access then create a new group, set all users as Group Members and do not assign Group Members to that new group. In the example below, the Account Owner is the only one who has access to see updates for the 'Marriage Counseling' group. 'Marriage Counseling' will not show up within the Group Member's group list. They will not even know it exists within Notebird because they do not have access. 

 Group Members can only be added to 10 groups.  
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