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Milestone Types Overview

Big and small milestones are worth remembering. Customize the type of milestones that are most important to your organization.

Updated over a week ago

There are big moments in life worth celebrating and moments that nearly crush us. Caring for people means being there in both the tough times and the good times. Milestones allow you to record those life moments. 

We added default milestones for your organization, some of which will fit great and others not so much. Our goal was to get you jump started. You can easily delete, edit and add milestones that fit perfectly with your organization.  

  • Click Your Name in the upper right hand corner

  • Click Customizations 

  • Click Milestone Types

  • Add/Edit Milestone Types

Click Add milestone type to add a new type the list of existing update types. Update types show to all users in all groups at all locations (if account has multiple locations). 

To change the title of a milestone type click the pencil icon next to the existing title you'd like to change. Type and make the correct changes. Click Save to complete changes. 

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