The Pulse indicator is a tool that helps users visualize the last time they made an update for someone within Notebird. Colored indicators help users quickly see who needs to be intentionally checked-in with. The Pulse time ranges are customizable and set by the organization. 

For example, Nelson's Grocery has had an issue with turnover so they want their managers to have an intentional check-in with their frontline associates at least once every 10 days. They can't talk about work, it's a time to build rapport and deeper relationships. The grocery store sets the first warning (light red bar) to show next to an associates name after 7 days. When managers see the light red bar they know they are getting close to the 10 day limit. The grocery store sets their second warning (dark red bar) to show after 9 days (or on the 10th day). Managers can scroll through and see the check-ins that need to be made or are overdue. 

The Join Date indicator is a tool that helps users visualize how long a person has been involved with the organization. We know that the first days and weeks of someone joining an organization or company are crucial to that persons longevity, buy-in and so many other things. 

As stated above, Nelson's Grocery has had an issue with turnover. They know that the first 30 days of employment is critical to their associate retention. They also know that first impressions are huge and that associates are determining if Nelson's is the place for them within the first week of work. So Nelson's set's the first Join Date indicator for the first 7 days (full ribbon) and the second indicator for 30 days. Manager now know where people are during their new hire journey and can be intentional

0 to 7 Days = Full Ribbon Indicator7 to 30 Days = Empty Ribbon IndicatorAfter 30 Days = No indicator 

  • Click Your Name in the upper right hand corner
  • Click Customization
  • Click Custom Time Ranges
  • Toggle On/Off Switch for Pulse Indicators
  • Toggle On/Off Switch for Join Date Indicators
  • Changes are automatically saved 

Change the number in the box to determine when both the Pulse & Join indicators show next to a person [if they are turned on - as seen below]. 

These are the indicators that will show next to the names of people within your organization.

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