Notebird Locations are great for churches with multiple campuses, clergy serving multiple congregations or leaders involved in multiple organizations. Locations help organize people as well as keep information separate. Locations are managed under one account so trends and valuable insights can be gathered across the entire organization. 

Example: Tom S. pastors a small church in Michigan but is also a volunteer police chaplain. He sets up a location for his church and a separate location for his police chaplain work because he wants to keep his congregants and the police officers separate. He can easily switch between both locations without having log out.

People cannot be transferred to different locations unless using our Church Planning Center integration

Data is completely separate between locations. You'll have dedicated activity feed, tasks and milestones for each location. Updates, tasks and milestones cannot be shared across locations.

Create New Location

  • Click Your Name in the upper right hand corner

  • Click Account

  • Click Locations

  • Click Add Location

  • Type in the name of the new location(s) 

  • Click Save

There is no additional charge for adding a location or adding existing users to that location. 

Switching Between Locations

Organization Admins have instant access to all locations. Location Admins and Group Members have to be granted access to different locations. The Locations Selector appears when the second location is created. 

  • Click the Location Selector in the upper left hand corner 

  • Select the location you'd like to view 

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