Following a group is a great way to stay up-to-date on all interactions happening within an entire group. By default, when you follow a group, you will get an email anytime another user creates an update, milestone, or task for that specific group. Notification settings allow you to decide your email preferences.  You can also just follow individual people if you won't want to get email notifications for the entire group. 

  • Click Manage groups in the lower left hand corner

  • Click Follow this group button next to the group(s) you wish to follow

  • Click (x) in the upper right hand of the pop-up to close your managed groups

Followed group are prioritized to the top of the group list. 

The followed group (Hospital Visits) will show at the top of the tabs on the left hand side. 

The numbers next to each group indicate how many people are within that specific group. The number next to All People (15) is the total number of people saved within your Notebird account. 

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