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Following & Unfollowing People
Following & Unfollowing People

The following feature allows you to keep specific people top of mind.

Updated over a week ago

Following a person is a great way to stay up-to-date on all interactions happening with that person. By default, when you follow a person, you will get an email anytime another user creates an update, milestone, or task for that specific person. Notification settings allow you to decide your email preferences.

People you follow within Notebird will ebb and flow. There are people who need focused care during specific seasons of life. The follow feature allows you to keep those specific people top of mind and easy to find within Notebird. 

  • Click People in the upper navigation bar

  • Select the person you'd like to follow 

  • Click Follow on the left page under the person's name

  • The button will change color and say 'Following' 

  • To Unfollow a person click the 'Following' button.

You can find all the people you follow under the Followed People tab just above groups. 

  • Click Followed People on the people page to view all the people you follow 

Numbers next to group names are how many people are within that specific group. 

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