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Adding An Update

Keep track of conversations, life details and day-to-day interactions. Add an update in 3 clicks.

Updated over a week ago

Updates store conversations, interactions and other life details for a person. Users select which groups should be able to see their updates. 

  • Select the person you'd like to make an update for 

  • Click Add Update on the right page 

  • Select the contact type (optional) 

  • Type in the update note 

  • Select the group(s) you want to be able to view the update notes (required)

  • Type in the place in which the update happened (optional) 

  • Click Save Update in bottom right hand corner 

Only 'update notes' & 'update visibility' sections are required to save an update. 

The groups that Amanda Parsons has already been placed into are the groups that auto-populate when creating an update. The update can only be viewed by admins and group members who have been assigned to the selected group(s). The example shows that only users who have access to the Wellness Check In group will be able to see that update. 

The team members (users) that will be able to see the update are listed below the Update visibility selector. You cannot remove individuals from this list inside an update. Admins can control visibility by adding or removing team members from groups. 

Click Save update to save the update and return to person's profile. Updates can be seen within a person's profile as well as the activity feed.

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