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Understanding Notebird Layout
Understanding Notebird Layout

Know exactly what you are looking at and what we call different parts of the software. Maybe you've already caught on to our design.

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As we did market research to find out how people were remembering the details in the lives of other people, there was one method that seemed to surface more than others; a notebook. People would write down quick notes to help them remember the details in the lives of their congregation, employees and friends in a notebook that they would carry around. 

We took the spirit of the care notebook and implemented it into our design. 


The notebook has a left page and a right page. The main functionality happens within the pages of the notebook. We kept the design subtle on purpose. Some people don't even notice the notebook design. 😉 Did you? 


On the left side of the screen you'll see the group names, which gives you the ability to sort information. These group names and sort capabilities symbolize tabs in a notebook. You'll see that the current selected tab is bold, underlined and colored so you know which one is selected at all times. 

Upper Navigation Bar 

Notebird is broken down into four main sections: People, Activity & Tasks. You can access each one of these section from the upper navigation bar. 


Your Notebird account settings, preferences, billing and help center is located in the upper right hand corner.

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