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Viewing Subscription Details
Updated over a week ago
  • Click Your Name in the upper right hand corner

  • Click Account

  • Click Subscription

  • Click View Plan Info

Number of users, billing cycle renewal date and payment history can be found within the subscription details page. 

Viewing Subscription Details Screenshots

Numbers of users

Quickly view the number of users and if there are any seats available.

You are not charged for archived users. Learn more

Billing Cycle Renews 

The renewal date is the next time your card will be charged. For users who are billed monthly the day of the month will typically stay the same. For example, Joey will be charged on November 4th, December 4th, January 4th, etc.

Payment History

See billing history at a glance. Find the amount billed and date of billing organized by most recent dates. To view and download the receipt click View Receipt to the right. 

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