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Understanding Subscription Status
Understanding Subscription Status

There are 4 subscription statuses within Notebird: free trial, active, will end and error. Learn more about each one of them.

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  • Click Your Name in the upper right hand corner

  • Click Account

  • Click Subscription

At the top of the Subscription settings you can find the status of your account. There are 4 different subscription statuses within Notebird. Below you'll find each status and their meaning: 

  1. Free Trial 

  2. Active

  3. Will end

  4. Error

Free Trial 

Users have 14 days to try Notebird to see if it's the right tool for their organization. Days left on the trial can easily be found in the subscription section. Click Upgrade Subscription to continue to use Notebird following the 14 days. 


You are officially a part of the Notebird family! Active status means that your account is in good standing and you have full access to Notebird. 

Will end 

You or someone from your organization has removed their credit card from the account. You will have full access to Notebird through your current billing cycle. Notice will show at the top of the screen notifying when subscription will end. Easily add a card to avoid service interruption. 


An error message will show if your card declines, is flagged by your financial institution or you simple type in the wrong numbers (which we do sometimes ourselves). Try to process the payment again. If you are still having issues please contact us by clicking Chat With Us in the settings menu

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