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Upgrading Notebird Subscription

You've decided Notebird is the right tool for you and your organization. It's time to move from the 14 free trial to a paid subscription.

Updated over a week ago

We are glad you've found value in Notebird and are ready to move to the paid version of the our tool! Customers from all different backgrounds are using Notebird to care for their people. We are upfront and transparent about all subscription and billing processes. Follow to setups below to access subscription information: 

  • Click Your Name in the upper right hand corner

  • Click Account

  • Subscription automatically opens during the free trial period. 

  • Click Upgrade Subscription

  • Type in Credit Card information 

  • Click Save

Your credit card will be billed right away. The billing cycle start date is the day of the month in which you started your subscription. 

Welcome To The Notebird Family

You are officially a part of the Notebird Family! It's a network of people and organizations who genuinely care about people and want to see them thrive in all areas of life. We are glad you are here! 

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