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Understanding The Settings Menu
Understanding The Settings Menu

Brief overview of settings and where to find the right information.

Updated over a week ago

Clicking Your Name in the upper right hand corner will bring up the settings menu. 

Below is an overview of each settings section:  

User Profile  

All settings and options within User Profile only affect your account. Nobody else within the organization is affected by changes made within the User Profile page. For example, if you decide to change the Notebird Theme Color to Cardinal Red, your account is the only one that reflects those changes. 

My Team 

View, add & remove users from your organizations. Promote or remove user roles here. You can also archive users when they leave your team. See how many updates and tasks user have created and completed.  


Find subscription and billing information within the Account page. Quickly add or edit locations here. Only Account Owners & Location Admins have access to these settings.


All setting and options within Customization affect the entire organization. All other users within your organization will be affected by the changes made within account settings. Only Account Owners & Location Admins have access to these settings. For example, if Update Types are added or changed that is seen across all other user's accounts. 

Chat With Us 

If there is an answer you cannot find within our Help Center, then click Chat With Us to chat with one of our team members. We are always happy to help! 

Help Center 

We've created a robust Help Center, also called a Knowledge Base to help users and teams be successful. Smart Search locates the most helpful articles to solve problems as fast as possible. Reach out to our team if there is an article that doesn't provide the right solution. We are always happy to help! 

About Notebird 

Learn more about Notebird. Find our mailing address. Connect with us on social media. Read our terms of service and privacy policy while you are there. 

Log Out 

Logging out is the same as signing out. No account information is deleted when logging out. It simply means that a user must use their log in credentials (email and password) the next time they want to access information within Notebird. 

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