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Notebird Flight School [Start Here]
Notebird Flight School [Start Here]

Start here to understand the layout, page structure and functionality. We've kept it simple so it won't take long. Notebird at a glance.

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Welcome to Flight School 

Flight School is quick and simple training series that will help you get started and be successful with Notebird. First, thank you for taking time to try out Notebird! Our team is excited you are here. 

There are 3 main pages to Notebird, these can be found in the Navigation Bar at the top of the screen. The main pages in the Navigation Bar are People, Activity & Tasks. 

Watch this video to learn more:  

People Page 

This is where all people profiles are created, organized and stored. There are two main features found within a person's profile - Updates & Tasks. 

  • Updates: where interactions, information and life details are stored.  

  • Tasks: actions or follow-up that needs to happen specific to a person. 

Activity Page

  • Recent: where all activity and life milestones can be seen together for the last 30 days. Keep track of all the people interactions that take place. 

  • Upcoming: life milestones (i.e. anniversaries, birthdays, join dates) that will be happening in the next 7 days. Missing an important date is a thing of the past. 

Tasks Page

  • Tasks: helps organize all tasks that are created and completed within the organization. Tasks are people-centric, meaning each task is tied to a person. 

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